The force of the Greeks doesn’t let us feel that we are close to each other, ready to help each other. It is a gainst the unity of the people of Israel. The “Greeks” are the forces of separation between us and not people who li ved in Greece. If we begin to struggle with these forces of egoism, then we can achieve success with the help of the upp er force that makes it possible for us to defeat them and unite. When we unite, we feel that a miracle happened, and we are filled with the Upper Light, with higher spiritual life. All of our previous life on this land was only to implement this internal spiritual ascent. Question: Does all of this depend only on our relationships with each other?

The Miracle Of Chanukah, Part 2 – The Miracle Must Happen!

Posted on December 12th, 2015 at 8:12 pm

laitman_944Question: What does the miracle of the Chanukah holiday symbolize?

Answer: If we are connected with each other, we discover a system called the “soul” between us within which the higher force is revealed. This system is eternal, and when we discover it, we feel connected with the flow of eternal and permanent life. We no longer die, but exist in an eternal and perfect world.

After the first miracle happened—which is called the exodus from Egypt and revealed the eternal and perfect reality to us that exists beyond our physical and temporal view—suddenly our ego returned and enslaved us. The ego returned us again to the beastly body, so only this unhappy world is seen through it.

Here a struggle happens between us to restore our connection built according to the method of our father Abraham and making it even stronger. If we connect, then we rise above the evil forces and again enter into awareness of the upper world, which is eternal and perfect. This is called the war of the Maccabees against the Hellenists.

The Hellenists are those forces within us that separate us. For example, the force of rejection between me and you, among all the Jews in the land of Israel, forces us to quarrel, cut each other off on the highways, and strive to succeed at the expense of others. This alien force is located between us; so let’s root it out, destroy and remove it, connect, and transform to be as one man in one heart.

The force of the Greeks doesn’t let us feel that we are close to each other, ready to help each other. It is against the unity of the people of Israel. The “Greeks” are the forces of separation between us and not people who lived in Greece. If we begin to struggle with these forces of egoism, then we can achieve success with the help of the upper force that makes it possible for us to defeat them and unite.

When we unite, we feel that a miracle happened, and we are filled with the Upper Light, with higher spiritual life. All of our previous life on this land was only to implement this internal spiritual ascent.

Question: Does all of this depend only on our relationships with each other?

Answer: Only on that. The entire Torah speaks only about this, about our unity. Let’s do an exercise like this in Israel: Throughout this week of Chanukah, let’s be a bit kinder toward each other and expect a miracle.

The miracle must happen! Suddenly, a leap to a new level will happen, and in addition to this world, we will begin to feel the upper world in which we also exist, but we don’t perceive with our five senses. It is possible to feel the upper world only on condition that we unite among us.

Question: What is the upper world?

Answer: The upper world is a new reality that is felt here and now. Now, we are living simply on a geographic area, and then the next level is revealed to us.

The miracle of Chanukah is a symbol of this, that we can attain some Light in our lives that draws us forward and makes it possible for us to see the world from end to end, filling ourselves with eternal joy here and now. The key to all of this is to unite at least a bit.

This small jar of oil is that light that reaches our lives if we connect with others.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 12/6/15

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There Is No God Posted on December 15th, 2017 at 9:08 am

There Is No God

Posted on December 15th, 2017 at 9:08 am

laitman_600.04Question from Facebook: My reactions to the things around me are my reactions. I understand the external world through my reactions to external things. What does God have to do with anything here?

Answer: There is no God. We don’t make our appeals to Him at all. We make our appeals only to ourselves, to that which is inside us, and it is these internal settings that we need to change, to set them to a correct perception of reality. Then we will be able to reach the correct goal by a much shorter and a much more pleasant route.

God has nothing to do with it. He doesn’t exist. We create God within ourselves.

Our very best, most optimal state, the highest, most positive force that turns all of us into the most wonderful and the most successful, is called God. That’s the kind of God I can agree to.

Question: Are my reactions to the surroundings still my reactions?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Do I understand the external world through my reactions to all that happens to me?

Answer: Naturally. What other way can you know what the outside world is? It is that which you perceive. That’s why everyone has a different impression of the external world.

Question: And all of it, one way or another, steers me to my most optimal state?

Answer: Only if you know how to head in that direction.

Question: Then why do I feel so much discomfort all the time?

Answer: Because you get confused, you don’t understand, you are constantly going around in circles staying in the same place and that’s how you spend your life, achieving nothing and not solving life’s riddles. But in life there are no riddles! Riddles are in how I can achieve my most optimal, most amazing state! But I myself don’t know what that state is!

Ask people what they would have liked to achieve in their lives and they will tell you such nonsense: money, fame, knowledge, honor, power, and health. But all of these end. And what is the deeper meaning of all this? Regrettably, an individual doesn’t know, he doesn’t ask himself this question. That means that we need to explain all of this. This is the reason for the existence of the science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 10/19/17

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Hanukkah Is A Stop In The Middle Of The Path

Posted on December 15th, 2017 at 9:17 am

laitman_293.2We are entering a special period of the Hanukkah holiday. This holiday has a very interesting story, but we are more concerned with its spiritual meaning. Man, as a common soul, was created completely opposite to the Creator.

After all, qualities of the Creator are bestowal and love, and qualities of the creature are reception and hatred. However, the program of creation is intended to lead a person from oppositeness to similarity to the upper force.

This program is implemented through the Light that reforms, which is awakened with the help of special methods: the work in the groups organized according to the example that Moses showed during the formation of the people of Israel.

When these groups unite in a special form, they attract the Light that reforms to themselves, which affects them gradually. Through this Light called the Torah, the creatures receive correction.

This correction is implemented in two stages. During the first stage, the desire to enjoy for oneself is corrected so that the intention changes to bestowal and the desire itself is not used. In other words, the task of the first stage is to reduce the desires to receive and concentrate only on obtaining the intention for the sake of bestowal.

Once we complete this correction, we again begin to reveal desires to enjoy and actively work with them, receiving now in order to bestow.

The first stage of achieving the qualities of bestowal for the sake of bestowal, the degree of Bina, is the war that is called the War of the Maccabees, and the point of transition from bestowal for the sake of bestowal to reception for the sake of bestowal is called the “stop,” or Hanukkah, which means “Hanu-Ko,” or “stop here.”

During Hanukkah, we celebrate a very important point: the completion of acquiring an altruistic intention, the degree of Bina. Our desire to enjoy is not used yet. We just reduce it and increase the intention for the sake of bestowal. In this way, we come to this stop, to Hanukkah, when we can only see its Lights, but cannot use them.

We can also see vessels, although we cannot use them. After all, it is impossible to see a Light without a vessel, but only for the sake of bestowal, above the desire itself. After Hanukkah, we learn to use even the desires to receive with the intention for the sake of bestowal so that “the darkness will shine like the Light.”

Therefore, Hanukkah is the celebration of Light because we use only the intention to bestow, and the Light cannot be used. We can only look at it. “To look” means to use the Light above the vessels of reception, and the use of the Light inside the vessels of reception is already complete and truly used.

This is how the place of this special holiday is determined that completes the special first stage of correction we celebrate during these days.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Hanukkah by the Wisdom of Kabbalah”


Compensating The Lack Of Knowledge With Faith

Posted on December 4th, 2010

Dr. Michael LaitmanSomeone once calculated that there are 3,800 different religions and beliefs in the world, but all of them circulate around two notions: body and soul. Indeed, if we did not perceive anything besides the beastly body, we would exist like animals. It seems to us that we have a soul, some kind of life “beyond the body.” A person wants to know what is the purpose of my life? Why do I live?

Even though we are given these aspirations and questions in order to search for answers within the system of laws of nature, we turn them into mysticism, groundless assumptions, and take them as the foundation for our view of the purpose of life, its end “here” and continuation “there.”

The question of whether our life will end bothers us. This is because we perceive time, and we are not attached to one given moment, as are animals. We think about the future, and we want to know what will happen a moment from now. However, the questions of “What do I live for, and what will happen after I die?” are already above nature.

This is why humanity has invented beliefs and religions: It has to compensate the lack of knowledge or facts with faith, meaning assumptions without proof. We are not even aware of it, but this works on all the levels, in the smallest things, every moment, every step of the way, in every direction and level of life.

I complete every lack of facts with faith, and I think that this is exactly how it is going to be. Sometimes, it happens, and sometimes, it does not. This is how our life passes.

In every particle of our existence, in every part of time, movement, space, and existence of reality, there is an enormous unknown share, namely:
1) The cause, which descends from Above,
2) the consequence, determined from Above, and
3) we, determined by cause and consequence in a narrow gap of the perception of life.

This is why we are obligated to compensate all the unknown with faith. People believe that there is an Upper Force, “a spirit,” which turns into everything that exists, gives it life, and determines destiny. That is, the essence of matter is determined by the “soul” which gives it life.

This is because our egoism wants to think that it belongs to eternity. There is no proof of this, but it benefits us to think this way. The organism’s defense mechanism does not allow us to agree that things can be different.

Otherwise, this life would be impossible. If a person did not feel eternal, if he absolutely felt that his life is finite, he would not be able to live. Imagine that you are told the exact date of your death. This puts a cross on your entire life beginning with today. This is because, from then on, you will continue living with the precise comprehension of your imminent death. A person is not capable of living like this.

The most natural sensation given to us by nature is that a soul, which somehow lived before our birth and will continue to live after our death, robes in our body, and the main reward and punishment is in the future world, and not here. We await our reward for all our current work.

A person does not even need to be taught this. He will think this, regardless. We are not able to part with these illusions, the same way as we are unable to part with our egoism until we rise to the world of truth, not after the death of the body, but after the death of egoism.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/25/10, “Body and Soul”

15 December, 2017 19:05

Lie And Truth, Part 4

Posted on December 6th, 2017A

laitman_283.01Question: Are love and truth always inseparable?

Answer: Love exists in the heart and truth in the head. Love must come from the heart; that is, I need to change all its qualities, all my desires, in order to direct them to the benefit of the loved one. This is called “an open heart.”

I measure the truth relative to the level of a person’s development: how much is beneficial for him to hear, how much can he feel and understand, and I treat him accordingly. Perhaps I will have to hide something from him or maybe even to lie if from my loving heart I see that it will be better for him this way.

A person who seeks the truth constantly checks himself for what lie he is in.

Question: Why is a person attracted to the truth? Why does it acquire value for him?

Answer: An informational gene from the upper degree begins manifesting in him. The upper force is called truth. The word “truth” consists of letters “Alef-Mem-Tav,” that is, it covers the entire alphabet from the beginning to the end; it is the general name of the Creator, who is good and does good, absolute love and bestowal outside of Himself. We need to think how to become similar to Him, even just a little. This is what is taught by the wisdom of Kabbalah.

There are people in whom such informational genes are awakening. Apparently, in their basis, they were closer to the Creator and therefore the corresponding records have remained in them. Now these genes begin to manifest in them and pull them to reveal the qualities of the Creator.

This gene is called a point in the heart, a desire to reveal the truth. No matter what it turns out, the main thing is that it is the truth. Even if I do not like it, I nevertheless aspire to it, as it is written: “Buy the truth and do not sell it.”

Question: I know many people who absolutely do not believe in God, but nevertheless are very much drawn to the truth . Why is it so?

Answer: The aspiration to truth is completely unrelated to faith. Everyone who seeks the truth is invited to come and reveal it. The wisdom of Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion, but striving for the truth is a necessary condition.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/16/17

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