Colorado River Rocks:

1 inch River Rock (+tax) $35.00/yard
2-3 inch River Rock $35.00/yard
1-1/2 inch River Rock (+tax) $40.00/yard
New! 5/8 inch River Rock call about the price per yard.
3/8 inch Washed Pea Gravel (+tax) $45.00/yard
Oversize Rocks $40.00/yard

Other Rocks:

Crushed Granite/Decomposed Granite $35.00/yard
1″ Pink Granite Gravel $45.00/yard
NEW! 1/2″ Pink Granite Gravel $45.00/yard
Crushed Limestone 1 inch $40.00/yard
Crushed Limestone 1/2 inch $45.00/yard
Texas Black Basalt 5/8″ $80.00/yard
Road Base 1-1/4″ $25.00/yard
Road Base 3/4″ $25.00/yard
Texas Gulf Cobble Stone 2-5″ $55.00/yard
1 Inch Brazos Cafe River Rock $55.00/yard
NEW! 2 inch Brazos Cafe River Rock $55.00/yard
New! Oversize Llano River Rock $75.00/ton

2-1/4″ x 2′ x 4′ Sawn Patio 1 $250.00/ton
1-1/4″ x 2′ x 4′ Sawn Patio 2 $270.00/ton
Dry Stack– 6×6, 8×8 $130.00/ton
Chopped White– 4″, 6″, 8″ $130.00/ton
Limestone Patio $160.00/ton
Limestone Boulder prices vary
NEW! Oklahoma Patio $240/ton


Flagstone Patio prices vary
Large Moss Rock $165.00/ton
Chopped Sandstone 4″ and 6″ $195.00/ton
Texas Tan Boulder $160.00/ton
Landscape Boulder $165.00/ton

We also sell large stones for your yard or garden.  These boulders are all individually priced.

We now carry Lehigh Cement

Stone Delivery (These are price estimates only! You can get a good idea of delivery price if you start at this point and go up according to weight. Call for exact prices)

78748 $25.00
78745 $25.00
78704 $45.00
78749 $45.00
78739 $45.00
78747 $35.00
Sunset Valley $35.00
San Leanna $35.00
Manchaca $35.00

Circle C $40.00
Shady Hollow $35.00

(Multiple Materials) $10.00

No “uphill” driveway or off-road deliveries.

This is what 1 cubic yard looks like