hotman made me crazy and said.. if you ask olya if she was fullish and silly than you would know if her kids would be like that.. i mean 50 %

so, i asked..and now u are angree !

but u must realize that hotman is special forces in israelis peoples so i was under pressure

hotman even said – " ajay ask her if she is fullish and silly" and confirme that, so i asked.. but you nor responded to which hotman said " if olya was nor fullish and silly, she would have responded"

whats my fault, olga please tel me



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  1. The Economist (blog)

    Yemen: Foreign boots could hit the ground soon in fight against

    CNN-3 hours ago
    Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) At any moment, Saudi troops could march through Yemen, heating up an already intense conflict that could have …

    The Economist explains
    The Economist (blog)-36 minutes ago

    How Will Pakistan Respond to the Crisis in Yemen?
    The Diplomat-3 hours ago

    ‘Saudi Arabia airstrikes pave way for ground invasion of Yemen
    RT (blog)-4 hours ago

    Heavy fighting in Aden as Yemen’s Houthis make gains
    Reuters-11 hours ago

    The Diplomat
    RT (blog)

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  2. Yemen Airstrike Hits Part of Mazraq Refugee Camp: Report hours ago
    Nigeria postponed an election to crush Boko Haram. With polls opening Saturday, data provided exclusively to NBC News shows that the …

  3. Obama’s love of the "Yemen model" sums up his disastrously

    Vox-2 hours ago
    On Wednesday, a mere day before Yemen’s monthslong crisis collapsed into such chaos that rebels ran the president out of the country, and …

  4. Saudi intervention in Yemen unlikely to move oil prices much

    Irish Times-16 hours ago
    While Yemen is a minor-league oil producer, the fact that Saudi Arabia, the country’s northern neighbour and one of the world’s leading oil …

    Yemen, Iran and the Price of Crude
    24/7 Wall St.-3 hours agoExplore in depth (191 more articles)

  5. India Sends Planes, Ships to Evacuate Nationals From Yemen

    NDTV-8 hours ago
    New Delhi: India is readying the evacuation of up to 500 nationals from the capital of Yemen on Monday, after four nights of Saudi-led air strikes …

    India sends plane to rescue citizens from strife-torn Yemen
    India Today-12 hours agoExplore in depth (309 more articles)

  6. Saudi Airstrikes Could Be Precursor To Ground Invasion In Yemen

    NPR-19 hours ago
    Saudi Arabia shares an 1,100-mile border with Yemen, a country quickly falling into anarchy. The Saudis have led airstrikes against rebel …

  7. Business Recorder

    Amid Yemen chaos, China keeps oil shipments flowing

    Reuters-4 hours ago
    Trading sources estimate Yemen’s oil exports before the start of the air … China’s oil imports from Yemen in the first two months this year were …

  8. China Evacuates Citizens From Yemen

    Wall Street Journal-4 hours ago
    China said it successfully evacuated more than 600 nationals from conflict-torn Yemen and conducted an air force drill on Monday over the …

  9. Yemen’s Wily Puppet Master

    The Atlantic-19 hours ago
    The violent conflict engulfing Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, intensified on Saturday, as Houthi rebels fought government forces for …

    How Yemen’s US-backed ex-dictator is tearing his country apart 29, 2015Explore in depth (57 more articles)

  10. Bangladesh supports Saudi-led efforts in Yemen

    Bangladesh News 24 hours-5 hours ago
    Bangladesh has strongly condemned the Houthi fighetrs’ action inYemen and supports Saudi Arabia-led efforts to restore the legitimate state …

    Bangladesh condemns Houthi actions in Yemen
    The Daily Star-3 hours agoExplore in depth (8 more articles)

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Court documents subsequently said that Mr. Talansky had transferred a total of about $600,000 to Mr. Olmert, including a small amount in donations from Mr. Talansky’s relatives.

When Mr. Talansky testified against Mr. Olmert in 2008, he said, among other things, that the money he gave Mr. Olmert included at least $25,000 meant for a vacation in Italy and almost $5,000 to cover Mr. Olmert’s bill at a Washington hotel because Mr. Olmert’s own credit card was “maxed out.”


Frankly : Infinity (symbol: ∞) is an abstract concept describing something without any limit

  1. Infinity – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Infinity (symbol: ∞) is an abstract concept describing something without any limit and is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics.‎Infinity (disambiguation) – ‎Infinity symbol – ‎List of paradoxes – ‎Countable set

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