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Join the #GirlsAre Movement

Chelsea Clinton pens open letter to young girls, says #GirlsAre competitors

Last week, the Clinton Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation kicked off the second #GirlsAre campaign to inspire young girls and women to stay physically active.

In a letter to young girls shared exclusively with Refinery29, Chelsea says: "Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Persist and know you’re not alone. Because #GirlsAre athletes, #GirlsAre competitors, and #GirlsAre meant to do incredible things."

Join the #GirlsAre Movement
Millennial Moms

Survey says: Millennial moms make the most of everyday moments

Chelsea Clinton – along with Too Small to Fail and Romper – recently unveiled new survey results on how millennial moms spend quality time with their kids.

See the Results
A Greener Planet

Working toward a greener planet

Across the Foundation, we are bringing partners together to drive action toward a greener planet. This past Earth Day, we highlighted five projects delivering clean energy and helping our planet.

Get Inspired
Combating the Opioid Crisis

Combating the opioid crisis

Last month, President Clinton convened public health leaders to discuss solutions to prevent opioid-related deaths. Learn how we’re working to reduce stigma, increase access to life-changing resources, and prevent overdose deaths nationwide.

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President Clinton on Childhood Health

A new project to improve children’s health

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Partnership for a Healthier America are working to create innovative public-private partnerships. We pulled President Clinton’s six must-read quotes from the announcement.

6 Must-Read Quotes
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