1996 – SO: WHAT DO U DO?

It was winter of 1996. For December, it was unusually warm. i had a jacket on. A black, stylish, Leather Jacket that my friend bought for me when i got my Visa to USA in 1992.

i was wearing a Blue faded Jeans.

It was Thursday. Usually, i was at the client site, working all day long. Days and late nights. I was allowed to take off either Thursday night or Friday after noon flight. But this was a special day, I guess. The client had a team building exercise, so, i was off.

It was Van Ness and the Market Street. Right by Sanwa Bank, thee she was.

It never mattered to me, what she did. She had a lecithin body. great Legs. Once i said wow. Great Bones.

My parents never asked me what do we do at IIT. Let alone, in USA. i was a consultant.

No one had ever asked me , what i did.

But she was different. i guess..

I didnt know what to say. How to respond. So,i replied " I am a constant"
Pat came the response " Consultant of what? what do u do?

" Well, consultants, give advise."

What advise? what for?

II replied – for anything, like u know business?

yeah i know the word. but what do u do?

welll, it depends on my clients.

oh ok, so, u solve their problems and give them advise?

yeah. you got it.

Ok, but this is such nebulous. So generic.

give me an example?

can u?

well, yeah.. mY last client was ALCOA they make alumnium. they wanted me to solve some problems

what? what exactly?

are u in CIA ? OR FBI?

maybe i am. what? u have Visa ? can i see your papers?

ok.. well, to be specific, last client wanted to cut their costs.. so they hired me to suggest them ways to cut their costs?

and ? your advise to them was?

well, it was a afew things.. like – u can cut costs by improving you processes. steamlining your vendors, instaling technology, u now IT .. ?

well, so, is that what you guys do? – like tell them how to cut costs?

well, yeah and sometimes, some clients, want to enter into anotehr markets, like one of my clients wanted to enter the south american market.

one client wanted to out to figue out what should they do to grow their sales.

ok. so, basically, what u do is how to make more money?

well, if u want to put it that way. yes

but sometiems also, how to cut costs..

and sometimes how to survive iin this cut throat business..because of competition from Japan.

oh ok.. so, how do they know you are good?

well, have u heard the word BIG 5 consulting firms?

yeah ive heard the name before .. so, u work for them?

they are not bad. i guess they are known

so, but how do they know you are good?

well, i just came to the nation. but they dont hire just anyone..

oh ?

so, u must be special?

well,not special.. but i guess.. just good enough?

ok. now, tell me – why u stare at me all the time.


well, i like your big eyes?

oh gosh.. i am faltetred.. can i call my dad?

dont u have a better line?

well..honetsly u are hot.


and u forgot smart?

oh i guess that too.

so, wheer r u from?

i am from India ..

hmm.. indian boys dont hit on white girls. u seem different.

well, i am glad to be different.

oh.. whats your name?

my name is Ajay

what does that mean?

it means invincible

wow.. so, no one can defeat u. u must be good.

well, my mom named me ajay. i didnt have anything to do with it.

Ok. what do u want?

i want to be happy.
no. i mean, what do u want from ME ?

well, in 2003 – someone else asked me WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME ?



OK I am an angel. i dont smoke. i dont do dugs. i am a good girl.

anything else?

yeah. one more thing.

whats your name?

Wow. Not so fast cowboy. I aint telling my name to a stranger.

Well, i am new to this nation.Everyone i meet is a starnger. I dont have uncle harry or aunt sally here.. unlike u?

I cant tell my name. maybe u will haunt me and kill me?

ok, if u were to tel me your name, what would u say your name was ?

Hmm.. wow. this has to be the fist one.

OK. i will make your day. Its Sonia.

wow. u know its an indian name also.

Yeah I know.

How do u know it is?

maybe i made it up?

well, I am smart. I know stuff : )

ok Sonia. when can i see u again?

well, Mister Ajay, when u can tell me what exactly u do and why u stare at me – like there is no tomorrow, maybe then i can answer your question.


ps: I still dont know what i do? – do u – guys – who search my blog daily, know?
if so, please let me knpw


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