Home Made Beef Jerky Shrimp Rolls (12 Pcs.)

Sweet Basil Chicken (12 Pcs.)

Buflalo Wings (72 Pcs.)

Calamari Fried Quail Fried Shrimp

(SALAW) (Soup )

Salaw Machew Yewn S13

Fish with lotus roots, pineapple tomatoes, furry squash, tamarind, basil, maom, dried garlic.

Salaw Machew Kroung $14

Beef, beef tripe, lemongrass, vegetable. garlic, and kaffir lime leaves. tamarind, complex seasoning, jalapeno, holy basil.

Salaw Kakoh $14

Belly pork complex seasoning, green papaya. Asian eggplant, string bean, pumpkin, Chinese broccoli, and roasted rice.

Beef Salad (Pleah)

Raw beefflavored with fresh lime juice, crush peanut, mixed with celery, onion,jalapeno, variety of mint, and chili pepper. SPICY

Lahp Chicken

Cooked chicken flavored with fresh lime juice, mixed with celery, onion, jalapeno, variety of mint, roasted rice and chili pepper. SPICY

Seafood Salad fJ’wa/w Seafood)

Shredded cabbage mixed with bell pepper, jalapeno, cucumber, and crush peanut, served with homemade suet and sour fish sauce.

Papaya Salad 1 Lahong)

Green papaya with beef tripe, shrimp, and crush peanut, served with variety of mint and homemade sweet and sour fish sauce.

Papaya Salad 2 (Bokla Hong)

Green papaya with tomatoes in fish sauce serv ed with cab Salted crab may be added upon request.

Combo with 6 pc of Chicken

Q 1 Grilled Pork Chop with Eggs $9
1 2


Grilled Chicken with Eggs $9
Grilled Beef with Eggs $9
$14 Stir Fry Chicken with Eggs $8.50
Cha Kroung
f Chicken $8
$14 Beef $9
Lok Lahk $9
Stir Fry Ginger (Cha Ka nev)
$8 Chicken S9
Ms* Beef $9
$13 Pork $9

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