Side Orders
Ordenes Extras

French fries / Papas fritas 3.00 Home fries / Papas de la casa 3.00 Papas majada / Mashed potato 3.00

Green or sweet plantains 2.50

Tostones o maduros

Rice & beans 4.00 Arroz y habichuelas

/„…:. Rice with pigeon peas 3.50 Arroz con gandules


Seafood / Mariscos35.00

Crabmeat / Masa de cangrejo14.00

Lettuce, tomato & avocado 4.00

Lechuga, tomate y aguacate

Green / Verde3.00

Mixed / Mixta3.50

Octopus / Pulpo15.00

Chicken / Polio8.00

Codfish / Bacalao8.50

‘Vegetable / Vegetales4.00

Potato / Papas 2.00-4.00
Grilled chicken cutlet 10.00
Pechuga de polio a la parrilla

Soupy Rice/Asopado

30.00 Lobster soupy rice Asopado de langosta

13.00 Shrimp soupy rice Asopado de camarones

35.00 Seafood soupy rice Asopado de mariscos

Daily Special
Especiales del Dia

Oxtail stew 6.49 Rabo guisado

Beef stew 6.49 Came guisada

Goat stew 6.49 hivo guisado

Hen stew 6.49 Gallina guisada

Polio BBQ 4.99 BBQ chicken

Broiled chicken 4.99 Polio al horns

Fried chicken 4.99
Polls frito

Codfish stew 6.49 acalao guisado

Fried fish 6.49 Pescado frito

Roast pork 6.49

Fried pork skin 6.49 Chicharr6n de cerdo

Pork chop stew 6.49 Chuleta guisada

Spare ribs 6.49 Costillas

Pig feet stew 6.49 Patitas guisadas

rved with rice & beans

Servido con arroz y habichuelas

Seafood soup Friday 5.00 -10.00 Sopa de mariscos ViernesSingle dish


Steak with top fried eggs 10.00
Bistec a caballo

T-Bone steak 17.00 Bistec T-Bone

Sirloin steak 15.00 Bistec sirloin

Pepper steak 10.00 ‘Bistec salteado

Fried beef 10.00 Came de res frita

Steak w/ onions 10.00 Bistec encebollado

Breaded steak 10.00 Bistec empanizado

Liver steak any style 10.00 Bistec de higado cualquier estilo

Served with rice & beans, green or sweet plantains
or french fries or salad or vegetables
Servido con arroz y habichuelas, tostones o maduros
o papas fritas o ensalada o vegetates


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