$3.50Onion Bhaji
Mildly spiced onion, batter-fried

$3.50Vegetable Pakora
Mildly spiced cauliflower, potatoes, bell pepper, batter-fried

$5.00Chicken Pakora
Mildly spiced boneless chicken, batter-fried

$4.95Vegetable Assorted Platter
Mixed vegetables mildly spiced, batter-fried

$5.95Tandoori Wings
Chicken wings marinated, spicy, baked in clay oven

$5.00Meat Samosa
Crisp pastry with ground lamb/beef, deep fried

$3.00Vegetable Samosa
Crisp pastry with potatoes and peas, deep fried

$9.95Taj Kabobs
Assorted kabobs of chicken & lamb baked in clay oven

Soup & Salad

$3.00Tomato Soup
Cooked with mild Indian spices and garlic

$4.00Mulligtawny Mughlai Soup
Chicken soup, herbs and mild spices

$3.00Dall Soup
Lentil soup with vegetables seasoned with spices and herbs

$3.00Taj Salad
Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, lime-squeezed, mild spiced, yogurt dressing

Baked to order in clay oven over mesquite charcoal, after marinating in yogurt, garlic, ginger, herbs & spices. Served with freshly made mint-cilantro and tamarind chutneys.

$15.95Fish & Shrimp Tandoori
Finest jumbo shrimp & fish steak on onion bed sizzler

$15.95Tandoori Mixed Grill
Assorted kabobs of chicken, lamb, fish, shrimp on onion bed in sizzler

$13.95Shrimp Tandoori
Finest jumbo shrimp on onion bed in sizzler

$13.95Fish Tandoori
Fish steak, India-style, on onion bed in sizzler

$12.95Lamb Boti Kabob
Lamb cubes on onion bed in sizzler

$12.95Seekh Kabob
Minced lamb blended with onion, garlic, ginger, spices, wrapped around skewers and baked Tandoori style. Served in sizzler on onion bed.

$11.95Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken cubes on onion bed in sizzler

$11.95Tandoori Chicken
Chicken on onion bed in sizzler

Speciality Pilau & Rice

$2.95Basmati Rice

$4.95Kashmiry Pilau
Fruit Cocktail, Almonds, Peas, Rice

$3.95Peas Pilau
Peas, Raisins, Almonds, Rice

Traditional dish of India carefully seasoned with an exotic blend of curry spices, onion, garlic, ginger and tomato, having a medium thick sauce.

$13.95Fish Curry

$12.95Roghan Josh Curry((Lamb Curry))

$13.95Shrimp Curry

$11.95Chicken Curry

Best of both worlds.(Involves both Tandoori cooking and preparation similar to curries, but having thicker sauce.)

$13.95Fish Masala

$12.95Lamb Masala

$13.95Shrimp Masala

$11.95Chicken Tikka Masala

(A very special dish of tender, marinated pieces of boneless meat, cooked with onion, whipped cream or yogurt, almonds and delicately spiced.)

$13.95Fish Korma

$12.95Lamb Korma

$13.95Shrimp Korma

$11.95Chicken Korma

(Boneless, tender meat pieces cooked with chopped spinach and freshly ground spices, garlic, ginger, onion, tomato and whipped cream or yogurt delicately added.)

$13.95Fish Saag

$12.95Lamb Saag

$13.95Shrimp Saag

$11.95Chicken Tikka Saag

$12.95Lamb Boti Saag

$11.95Chicken Saag

(Very hot dish cooked with potato to serve as a fire extinguisher. A specialty of Goa, India. Influenced by Portuguese occupation. A favorite of the British.)

$13.95Fish Vindaloo

$12.95Lamb Vindaloo

$13.95Shrimp Vindaloo

$11.95Chicken Vindaloo

(Boneless meat pieces cooked with onion, tomatoes, bell peppers and spices.)

$13.95Fish Bhuna

$12.95Lamb Bhuna

$13.95Shrimp Bhuna

$11.95Chicken Tikka Bhuna

$12.95Lamb Boti Bhuna

$11.95Chicken Bhuna

(Aromatic Basmati Rice from India, cooked with meat or vegetables, delicately spiced including saffron. It’s a meal by itself. Some like it with Raita on the side.)

$12.95Lamb Biryani
(Lamb, Chicken, Vegetable & Shrimp)

$13.95Combination Biryani

$11.95Chicken Biryani

$13.95Shrimp Biryani

$10.95Vegetable Biryani

Vegetarian Specialities
(Over the centuries India has been known as the cradle of vegetarianism. A selection of the most popular dishes is included below.)

$9.95Malai Kofta
Homemade mixed vegetables with cheese

$9.95Channa Masala
Chick peas cooked with special masala sauce

$9.95Alu Saag
Potatoes cooked with spinach and spices

$9.95Bombay Alu
Potatoes cooked with onion, tomatoes, peas and spices

$9.95Tarka Dall
Lentils cooked with garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices

$9.95Bhindi Masala
Okra cooked with onion, tomatoes and spices

$9.95Mushroom Matter
Mushroom cooked with onions, tomatoes, peas and spices

$9.95Bharta Makhni
Tandoori eggplant with herbs, onion, tomato & butter

$9.95Alu Matter
Potatoes cooked with peas and spices

$9.95Matter Paneer
Green peas with homemade cheese in mild gravy

$9.95Alu Gobi
Cauliflower and potato cooked with herbs and spices

$9.95Saag Paneer
Spinach cooked in homemade cheese, in cream

$9.95Vegetable Korma
Mixed vegetables cooked in whipped cream and nuts

Speciality Dishes
Lamb Danshak

$12.95Lamb cooked with lentils in sweet & sour sauce

$11.95Chicken Danshak
Chicken cooked with lentils in sweet & sour sauce

$11.95Chicken Makhani
Chicken cooked with onions, bell peppers and spices

$11.95Chicken Dopiaza
Check cooked with onions and spices

$12.95Lamb Kashmiry
Lamb cooked in creamy sauce with fruits

$11.95Chicken Kashmiry
Chicken pieces cooked in creamy sauce with fruits

$12.95Lamb Madras
Lamb with a blend of hot spices

$11.95Chicken Madras
Chicken pieces cooked with a blend of hot spices (Traditionally a very hot dish)

$12.95Keema Matter
Ground lamb meat and peas in a medium to mild sauce

$12.95Lamb Mughlai
Lamb pieces cooked in a thick sauce with cream & eggs

$11.95Chicken Mughlai
Chicken pieces cooked in a thick sauce with cream & eggs

Baked to Order Oven-Hot-Breads
(Baked in a clay oven with mesquite charcoal.)

$2.50Alu Naan
Naan stuffed with potatoes and peas

Leavened fine flour bread, deep fried

Whole-wheat flour, puffed bread, deep fried

$2.50Cheese Naan
Naan bread stuffed with cheese

$2.50Onion Kulcha
Naan bread stuffed with onions and spices

$2.95Keema Naan
Leavened bread stuffed with ground lamb

$2.50Kabli Naan
Naan cooked in clay oven with almonds and raisins

$2.95Taj Paratha
Paratha stuffed with chicken and almonds

$2.50Alu Paratha
Paratha stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes and onion

Multi-layered, buttered, whole-wheat bread

Whole-wheat flour traditional bread

$2.50Garlic Naan
Naan with a subtle touch of garlic

Popular Indian-style leavened bread of fine flour

Condiments & Sides

$2.00Pappa dam

$2.00Mango Chutney
Sweet mango

$2.00Tamarind Chutney

$2.00Mint Chutney

(Yogurt Dressing)


Rose Lassi 3 / Mango Lassi 3 / Indian Tea 2 / Perrier 2 Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite / Iced Tea / Lemonade / Mr. Pibb / Soda –2

Taj Mahal 5.95 / Flying Horse 5.95 / King Fisher 3 / Maharaja 3 / Heineken 3 / Paulaner Hefe-Weizen 3 / Amstel Light 3 / Guinness 3 / Harps Lager 3 / Kaliber NA 3


Basmati rice pudding, sprinkled with almonds and pistachio

$3.50Gulab Jamun
Cream of milk balls in light syrup

Homemade special India-style ice cream with pistachio, saffron

$3.50Mango Kulfi
India-style ice cream with mango flavor


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