Imagine a 12-fold increase in your web site business


Imagine more revenues without incurring additional costs


Imagine being able to compete on price with low cost bids without compromising quality


Imagine Robots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) not taking away your job, but helping you in your job and with your job.


Finally, imagine, a bunch of *foreigners* not after your jobs.


It was hard for us to imagine too.


The New Rules of the Game:


Clients want Stunning yet affordable, responsive; unique yet trendy web sites.

And they want it Yesterday.

With the latest and the greatest bells and whistles.

The list is long. Fine. That’s the nature of the beast.



[1] Quality sites take Time. And we can’t tell clients, you get what you pay for. We can’t anymore. Expectations have changed. A lot. Its not the 90’s. Expectations about features and function have gone up. While the prices have gone south.

[2] More Time spent per site => Limited number of sites.  Implies Lower Revenue. Higher Costs. Lower Profits.


Given this ambience. Under these rules.


How can one grow. How can a business Scale?


“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Uncle Einstein said.

But, being an agency ourselves, all this *imagining* defied our prior experiences and conventional wisdom.

It went against what people said, thought – felt.



We were stuck. Agencies – like law firms – can’t achieve scale. So, the Pundits said. Neither can a busy freelancer increase her Sales.

After all, there are only 26 hours a day, 7 days in a week.



Notwithstanding the punditry, we didn’t give up.



We tried. We searched. We imagined. We failed.

Luckily, after years of searching for solutions, trying and imagining – and failing; lady luck struck us in the right spot.



We stopped listening to modern day Pundits and asked ourselves:

how would the web have evolved if Da Vinci was alive – not gone.


We were getting right answers to the wrong



The Right Question:



What’s stopping an agency or a freelancer from achieving scale?



The Right Answer : Its ARITHMETIC.


More Profits = less costs with  either

 [a] higher price per site


[b] more sites per month

But of course, even if  the client is willing to pay more. A Big if indeed. In this day and age.

Higher Price per site implies, spending more time spent per site. Which in turn implies more costs.

Which leaves us to point [b] – more sites per month i.e.

But doing more sites per month, entails, higher more staff.

Which in turn means incurring more – fixed – costs. Fixed costs in rent and in monthly salaries.



The Long Answer:

Its Templates. Its Tantrums. Its template – tantrums.



The ARITHMETIC of the web side story:



T for Templates. T for Tantrums. T for Time.



Its time to save time.

Because: Time is money.

And Money Equals Time


– a *Robot* that doesn’t just work for you,

but also, works with you



See Imagination turned into Reality



Create stunning, beautiful, and responsive web sites, in seconds !

All using your Personal ROBOT



Our Mission:


“To transform the lives and livelihoods of web creators, individuals and businesses by meaningful innovation”






[1] Be it Wix or Weebly, Square Space or Theme Forest – it takes HOURS to search, scan, edit and finally : finish a site. More Time spent per site =>(implies) => Higher Cost and Lower Revenue.


[2] Despite bombastic claims, they offer LIMITED *pre-configured templates* to edit from. Limited Choices => more editing => more time spent per site. Only 24 hours a day – 7 days in a week. Myraah uses AI technologies: considers gazillions of variables and parameters et all to create millions of options – SPECIFIC to – and – FOR – your project(s) .


[3] Myraah uses AI and Genetic algorithms, to list the millions of possibilities in a RANKED ordered list – for you to choose from . Think of it as Goggle’s RANK BRAIN algorithm. Yes, of course, if you still aren’t satisfied, you can edit them ….







Scale your agency or Free lance business:


Get, keep and grow 

more customers










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