Daily News – Best practices for passwords updated after original author regrets his advice

From: CodeProject <mailout>
Date: Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 6:33 PM
Subject: Daily News – Best practices for passwords updated after original author regrets his advice
To: John Donahue <ajayinsead03>

Your morning update: Daily News –

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Industry News
Microsoft dumps mobility from its Vision
It looks like you’re waving a white flag. Would you like help with that?
Source: The Register

Best practices for passwords updated after original author regrets his advice
Source: The Verge

‘Yeah, if you could win spreadsheet title, that’d be great’
There is an international competition for Office. Cry for humanity.
Source: Phys.org

“Podcasting patent” is totally dead, appeals court rules
Feel free to talk at your computer again
Source: Ars Technica

email_reply.png Source: xkcd
Developer News
To get the most out of devOps, go all in, survey suggests
Just going ‘dev’ or ‘ops’ doesn’t work?
Source: ZDNet

Severe deserialization issues also affect .NET, not just Java
I’d make a serialization joke here if it were even theoretically possible
Source: Bleeping Computer

This startup learned the hard way that you do not irritate open-source programmers
Open Source Billboards?
Source: Quartz

GitPwnd shows how threat actors could hijack Git repositories in software development
Social hacking for social coding
Source: Security Intelligence

Science and Technology
Watch outer space for free on a live stream
You’ll have to provide your own Kirk/Picard/Sagan/Tyson monologue to go with it
Source: The Verge

Researchers develop method for real-time speech animation
Another technology that will never, ever be misused
Source: Engadget

Code Project Discussions – Your say!
This week’s survey
What categories of article competitions interest you the most?
Source: CodeProject

Programming Euphemisms
Advance warning: here be puns
Source: CodeProject


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