Sorry i missed your mail. Somehow, this email was passed along to many and i stopped using this email. This is NOT my official email and neither is this an email i use or check on a frequent basis.

Please call me on my Mobile. as you may know due to various reasons, especially because of my associations with Obama and Clinton and Netanyahu in Israel, i am – many a times – unable to write emails. I prefer that you contact me on the phone.

If its Business Related please send me mail on my work email. In my absence please contact Ben. or Chris.

If its Paris related, please contact Emmanuel Michau.

If its real estate related:

[1] if its related to the house in New York USA – please contact Mila

[2] If its related to the 2 houses in Texas – Please contact JB

[3] If its related to the California House – please contact Jake or Mila.

IF THIS IS RELATED TO POLITICS: SPECIALLY INDIA – USA – ISRAEL – PLEASE DONT SEND ME ANY INFORMATION THROUGH THIS EMAIL.. AS THIS IS NOT SECURE. GOOGLE ‘s CEO is yes.from my alma mater IIT ie. but – Sundar Pichai, cant guarantee that your email isnt read. and neither can i or anyone acting on my behalf.

ps: I check this email, only when someone sends me a message on my mobile or calls me to write an email.. from this email.

Please dont share this email with others, as this email tends to get a lot of spam. If you have my other emails, then please use the emails that i use to establish contacts. This one is not my official email. Please read the categories above to choose the appropriate emails to establish contact with

ps 2: Please do not send me information that would be deemed inappropriate or offensive in the lands and cultures of India, and Israel.


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