Tigers blood marketers who miss the point

From: Ben Settle <ben>
Date: Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 7:03 PM
Subject: Tigers blood marketers who miss the point
To: lednichenkoolga

Few days ago a bloke on facebook declared:

“LOL you can tell marketers who use Ben Settle’s teaching a mile off! It IS really good stuff though in terms that it must work because so many name marketers use it.”

He further commented that my methods are:

“More the abrasive, repulsion marketing style”

My take on it?

I don’t teach this idea of being abrasive and repulsion marketing as a tactic or to make you look “cool” or whatever. It’s simply a natural byproduct of being honest with your market. On the other hand, it has become trendy for people to act like pricks in their marketing to show how “totes repulsive and abrasive!” they are. Not-so-coincidentally, my pal Shane Hunter and I just had this conversation, about how this sudden crop of repulsive and abrasive people are like guys who learn the PUA (pick up artist) concept of negging, and start going around insulting girls, turning the high quality girls off.

In marketing, it works on fanboys and hyper buyers who buy anything.

But to thinking people?

To the high quality customers?

And, to the skeptics?

(Who make up 2-5 times more people than the hyper buyers)

Good luck with that.

It’s not about posturing as an Internet tough guy, insulting your market, or pounding your chest declaring how you have “tiger’s blood!” (as I saw someone do recently, it was amusing) or whatever.

People who do that have missed the point entirely.

All right, enough of this.

Let’s sally-forth to the pitch:

If you want to learn how to write emails that make sales practically every time you push that “send” button (assuming you have an offer your list wants), and do it without having to act like someone you’re not, then check out my “Email Players” newsletter.

It’s not cheap.

And, it’s not for people who don’t like to think.

(Especially the next issue in September.)

But, it works — assuming you apply it.

Here’s the link:


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