Howdy Jack: Imagine Instant Karma 4 Monday Morning Blues. Imagine your website done TODAY.

Dear Jack,

Congratulations on your new venture.
If you are considering getting a website, I have good news for you.
Imagine: Your website: Done. Completed. Today ! And, we’ll make it online: when you are ready.
You don’t have to take my word for it. Seeing is believing. Check it out yourself. That too, not one option but 6 of them:
Click links below to see: Mila’s hand picked designs and styles:[1] =>   
[2] =>
[3]  =>> 
[4] =>[4]  => 
[5] =>[5] =>  
[6] =>[6] => 

(Screenshots are also attached)

Note: the copy (descriptive text) and /images/ are just placeholders at this moment.

If you would Jack, please provide me with more information or feedback on these designs and  I will  make  the edits and complete the website for you. Without you spending hours and hours on DIY tools or working back and forth with the web agencies.
We use an AI – artificial intelligence engine – that we developed to generate responsive websites in seconds.
Our algorithm analyses billions of data points to decide on the layout, the UI and  the UX  aspects of  a website.  And produces design options  which are proven to work. It generates slick, responsive, websites that you –  your customers – and your visitors will love.
You just need to provide the content to us and we will handle the rest.
The website designs we deliver take into consideration not only the aesthetic aspects but also aspects related to business results; such as : Location of contact details, Call to action button, colors, fonts, Javascript, permutations – combinations etcetera and et all.
How ? Well : Think of it as Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm
The technology  we use at Myraah is the same Google uses. Albeit, with a caveat. Google uses AI to search websites: Myraah uses, the same – AI technologies – to create websites.
Currently, we are running a deep discount, a promotion, under which I can offer you a complete package for just $199

your – new – modern website

 – plus  One year of free hosting
– plus Email set up
– plus Social Media Integration
-plus Google Analytics Integration
– plus Backend Editing Tool etc.
Just reply to this email to get started.

ps: In case you would like to have more options created  – or more variations of the above 6 options –  no sweat, just choose a design you like. And your new and modern, slick and shiny website will be delivered in your inbox. Tonight.

Best Regards,
– your web GUY 🙂

Customer ON-Boarding Specialist – MYRAAH


PS: I thought that you can benefit from my services. So, I dropped you this email. However, if you found it offensive or intrusive please accept my apologies.












Words 479
Characters (including spaces) 2923
Characters (without spaces) 2399
Extra Word Count Statistics
Syllables 792
Sentences 87
Unique Words 257 (54%)
Average Word Length (char) 5
Average Sentence Length (word) 5.5
Monosyllabic Words (1 syllable) 277
Polysyllabic Words (≥3 syllables) 78
Syllables per word 1.7
Paragraphs 40
Difficult Words Readability level 195 (41%)
Length Statistics
Short Words (<=3 characters) 184 (38%)
Long Words (>=7 characters) 113 (24%)
Longest sentence (by number of characters)
149 characters, 27 words: If you would Jack, please provide me with more information or feedback on these designs and  I will  make  the edits and complete the website for you
Longest words (by number of characters)
16 characters: 1504444221114466, 1504265311769407, 1504265194804653, 1504265193715373, 1504265193715036
Longest words (by number of syllables)
5 syllables: congratulations, sonicsolution, intelligence, consideration
Reading Time
Item Time
Estimated Reading Time Estimated Reading Time 3 min.
Estimated Speaking Time Estimated Speaking Time 4 min.
Readability Statistics
Readability Formula Grade
Dale-Chall Readability level Readability level Description graduate
Dale-Chall Readability Index 10.3
Automated Readability Index 10.1
Coleman-Liau Index 20.1
Flesch Reading Ease Score 61.4
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 6.1
Gunning Fog Index 8.7
Top Keyword Density

Exclude grammar words

1. myraah 9 (1.9%)
2. website 6 (1.3%)
3. http: 6 (1.3%)
4. io 6 (1.3%)
5. index 5 (1%)
6. webs 5 (1%)
7. html 5 (1%)
8. just 5 (1%)
9. plus 5 (1%)
10. will 4 (0.8%)


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