Bonjour Emmanuel – do you want a good web site?

Bonjour Emmanuel

comos save ?

i am a co founder of this compnay

Right now – we have only english language web sites – but – SOON – we will attack French 🙂

AND we can do your site –


nice to hear from you – Emmanuel

i will keep in touch



On Sat, Sep 9, 2017 at 10:50 AM, Gmail IMAP <emmanuel.michau> wrote:

Your procedure is still alive!
Appearing in court in January 2018! A record.
How are you involved in these websites?

Emmanuel Michau

Le 9 sept. 2017 à 01:22, Ajay Mishra <ajayinsead03> a écrit :

feel the power of AI – aka Artificial Intelligence:

Myraah’s AI engine made these web sites !

sample/show case:


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