Dawood’s assetsin UK seized

Dawood’s assetsin UK seized

Source: The Hitavada Date: 14 Sep 2017 07:49:58


Sept 13 ,


IN A boost for Indian agencies, authorities in the United Kingdom have seized properties belonging to fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim. The global terrorist, who also appeared in the Interpol’s list of most wanted criminals, has a total estimated worth of 6.7 billion dollars. According to ‘The Mirror’, the 61-year-old, who goes by 21 aliases, owns a hotel in Warwickshire and other residential properties across the Midlands. The assets which have been frozen include properties in Midlands.

Dawood Ibrahim’s name appears on the latest UK Treasury Department’s “Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets”, the ‘Birmingham Mail’ reported.The Treasury sanction document lists three recorded addresses for Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan including one called The White House in the seaside Clifton area in Karachi.The sanctions prohibit the transfer of funds to anyone on the list and freezes any assets the targets may hold in the UK.The Indian investigators had been pursuing Dawood Ibrahim’s assets in the UK and visited the Midlands in 2015 to identify his assets.

According to an Enforcement Directorate official, a large chunk of Dawood Ibrahim’s money has been invested in the UK and in Dubai and India.Dawood Ibrahim is also reported to have properties in Dartford and Essex and in central London. Dawood, who operates various criminal activities under the name of D Company in more than 16 countries, is one of the world’s most wanted gangsters and second richest criminal after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

The organised crime syndicate was founded by him in Mumbai in 70s. The Underworld don is wanted on the charges of murder, extortion, targeted killing, drug trafficking, terrorism and various other cases in India. He is on India’s most wanted list for his role in the 1993 Mumbai blasts which killed 257 people and left scores injured. UN documents identify him as an associate of Al Qaeda while the US Treasury Department declared him a global terrorist in 2013.

He has taken shelter in Pakistan, which has repeatedly denied his presence in the country. His place of birth is recorded as Kher, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, and his nationality is listed as “Indian” with a recorded Indian passport which was subsequently revoked by the Government of India and then goes on to list a string of Indian and Pakistani passports acquired by him and misused.

The 21 aliases used by Ibrahim: Abdul, Shaikh, Ismail; Abdul Aziz, Abdul Hamid; Abdul Rehman, Shaikh, Mohd, Ismail; Anis, Ibrahim, Shaikh, Mohd; Bhai, Bada; Bhai, Dawood; Bhai, Iqbal; Dilip, Aziz; Ebrahim, Dawood Farooqi, Sheikh; Hasan, Kaskar, Dawood; Hassan, Dawood; Ibrahim, Anis; Ibrahim, Dowood, Hassan, Shaikh; Kaskar, Daud, Hasan, Shaikh, Ibrahim; Kaskar, Daud, Ibrahim, Memon; Kaskar, Dawood, Hasan, Ibrahim; Memon, Dawood, Ibrahim; Sabri, Dawood; Sahab, Haji; and Seth, Bada.


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