Dear John,

Don’t shoot the messenger: I just wanted to let you know that your website isn’t working on mobile (iphones, tablets and on google android). Sorry to be the conveyor of bad news, but; many users, these days use mobile: To seek information. To make impressions. And to make decisions.

Last year alone: 51.3 % of the users used mobile – not laptop or PC – to check out websites like yours

The glass is more than half empty.

We can no longer ignore mobile users.

Luckily, there is a solution. You need, what’s called a  “responsive website”.

Its a Simple. Sensible. Smart Choice: A better way to be online.


Responsive is a technical word to imply a website that responds. A website that responds to devices of all shapes, makes and sizes. A website that is configured to work on all devices and browsers. On internet explorer and chrome. Mozilla and firefox. PCs and smartphones. Android and Iphone.

The good news is: You can – without much ado – reach out and be accessible to all users. Regardless of the device or the browser they use to connect with you.

A decade ago, your website would have been OK. But now, more than 95 % of americans have a smartphone of some sorts. As of date your website is obsolete. Its time to give your website a facelift. An upgrade.

Responsive is not just a buzzword these days.Responsive is the new responsible.

It would be better for your image and for generating leads; let alone giving your users a better experience.


Give your business not just a website but an  intelligent website.
The good news is: I have already created 6 websites for you to choose from:
(Screenshots are also attached)
 Note:  the copy (descriptive text) and /images/  are just placeholders at this moment.
If you would  John, please provide me with more information or feedback on these designs- and –  I will create a stunning website for you. A slick, responsive, website that you and your customers and visitors will love.
If you like to have more editing done on any of the attached designs or if you want me to produce more design ideas, I will do so, without taking a lot of your time.
We use an AI – artificial intelligence engine – that we developed to generate responsive websites in seconds.
We use Artificial Intelligence -aka – AI, Cognitive Science and Machine Learning Technologies to create websites – on the fly – on demand – by the thousands. This technology that we use at Myraah is the same that Google uses. Albeit, with a caveat. Google uses AI to search websites: Myraah uses, the same – AI technologies – to create websites.
Currently, we are running a deep discount, a promotion, under which  I can offer you a complete package for just £49.95 £199.
This offer  includes  your – new – modern website + One year of free hosting + Email set up +Social Media Integration + Google Analytics Integration + Backend Editing Tool etc.
 No coding is required. You won’t have to bother your ‘web-guy’ either.  No expensive or time consuming conversion needed. We have the technology that makes the translation – the switch – seamless. Within a few minutes – not hours but minutes, you would have your modern – responsive website !
Just reply to this email to get started.
Best Regards,
Customer ON-Boarding
PS: I thought that you can benefit from my services. So, I dropped you this email. However, if you found it offensive or intrusive please accept my apologies.